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Yellow and gold dwarf conifer varieties in stock
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Thin, blue-green needles are dipped with a beautiful cream-white color, giving a very unique color combination to this new selection of fir. Found, named, and introduced in Europe. The needles of this slow-growing white fir start out lush chartreuse and soften to incredible buttery yellow. Hardy and tough enough to stand up to full sun, the broadly conical tree develops brilliant winter color.

For specimen sizes, please take a look at these listings: Specimens 4.5' Specimens 4.5'
Abies firma 'Golden Hue'
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This large-growing, upright tree has a golden hue to the foliage. The color is really set off in spring when colorful young pollen cones appear. A great fir for the Southeast!

Needles turn a yellow-green with the cold temperatures of winter.
Abies koreana 'Aurea'
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Bright yellow needles with white undersides give this slow-growing Korean fir a distinctive look. Striking upright purple cones contrast the foliage, which takes on a softer shade in summer. Mature plants can tolerate full sun, but juvenile plants prefer some shade. A low, spreading shrub when young, becoming conical with age. This low, spreading fir has beautiful golden foliage. It does not develop a leader, and will form a ground-covering shrub with time.
This dwarf, bushy fir has beautiful golden-yellow new growth that fades to blue-green by summer. An excellent color contrast and an uncommon attribute for this species. The name is European, and is more accurately written as 'Frühlingsgold'.
Soft, golden-yellow color intensifies toward the needle tips on this dwarf Korean Fir. It is a fairly low-growing plant that has beautiful color throughout the year. also known as 'Goldener Traum'
Abies lasiocarpa 'Creamy'
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Bright golden-brown needles turn a mud color in winter. Absolutely distinct and fantastic color gives a nice backdrop to the resinous, silver-white buds and silver undersides of the needles on this dwarf fir.

This slow-growing fir has blue-green foliage that emerges a creamy yellow color in spring. Considered by some to be a variety of Abies concolor var. lowiana. A fairly uncommon but colorful conifer!

Each dark-green needle is tipped with a brilliant gold color. New growth emerges solid gold in spring. A very colorful and fairly slow-growing tree. A sunny addition to the winter garden, this golden spreading Nordmann fir has a compact bun-like shape. The tiny golden needles require shade when young.

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Abies pinsapo 'Aurea'
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Golden-green foliage intensifies in color during winter. A new introduction from The Netherlands. The stiff, pointed needles of this Spanish fir develop a gorgeous golden cast over silver-blue. They appear to radiate around the stems and provide great texture. Slow-growing, the striking tree can be conical or somewhat irregular.

For specimen sizes, please take a look at these listings: Specimens 4 ' Specimens 5.5'

This perfectly-shaped "Christmas tree" form has bright golden-yellow foliage, most noticeable on portions of the plant most exposed to sunlight, yet more green on interior foliage. Will eventually grow to be a full-sized tree, but the golden colour slows its rate of growth.

Gold-highlighted branches hang gracefully from each pendulous branch on this narrow, upright conifer. It was found as a seedling from 'Dik's Weeping' by Edwin Smits.
Our plants are grafted onto the disease-resistant (DR) rootstock, that is tolerant of Phytophthora in the soil, previously the cause of death for many Chamaecyparis lawsoniana .

This upright conifer has feathery sprays of bright, golden-yellow foliage. A beautiful, narrow plant with gorgeous texture and color.

Tufts of golden and yellow-green compressed foliage. Pyramidal to broadly-pyramidal habit. A popular selection for many years.

For specimen sizes, please take a look at these listings: Specimens 5.5'
Semi dwarf and compact with golden foliage. This attractive, slow-growing Hinoki cypress has unique foliage: dazzling yellow works with green highlights and creamy centers to brighten the scene. In most locations, the bright foliage does not burn, even in full sun.

For specimen sizes, please take a look at these listings: Specimens 5.5'
Chamaecyparis pisifera 'Aurea'
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We grow very few Hinoki Cypress, only the best. This is the BEST yellow-foliage form. Interior light green contrasts brilliant cream-yellow, making this variety effectively "Glow."
In winter, the foliage changes to an orange cast, giving it a coloration unique among conifers.
Thin golden-yellow foliage layers to form a broad mound.
Deciduous. A columnar form with golden-yellow spring leaves turning lime-green in summer. Fall color is bright golden-orange.

For specimen sizes, please take a look at these listings: Specimens 10-12'
Bright, yellow-white color is prominent in the spring, and it lasts throughout the growing season. Fall color is a brilliant golden on this exciting new selection.
Juniperus horizontalis 'Limeglow'
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Bright yellow to lime-green summer color becomes bright orange-copper in winter. Deciduous. A narrow upright with golden-yellow foliage. Can really brighten a landscape! Also known by it's Japanese names 'Ogon' meaning "gold" and 'Golden Ogi' meaning "golden mantle." Fast growing.

For specimen sizes, please take a look at these listings: Specimens 8.5' Specimens 14'
Deciduous.  Originated as a witch's broom at the University of Michigan Matthaei Botanical Gardens.  It has soft green foliage with compact branches forming a globose shrub which develops a leader as it matures.   A fantastic redwood for small gardens.  It is also known as 'Headhunter' or 'Head Hunter.'

A rich, golden-yellow color on this slow-growing spruce. Found as a result of Bob Fincham's cross between 'Acrocona' and 'Gold Drift' but not readily distributed. A unique, slightly darker, amber color than many of the other seedlings.

A golden form with some green showing at the tips.  Sepcial golden new growth and brilliant gold throughout summer.  Grows much more slowly than Aurea.  When young it has a bun or mound form, later developing a central leader and becoming pyramidal.  Misspelled by most and sold as 'Aurea Jacobsen.'  Both names are technically illegitimate because Latin cannot be used in cultivar names published after January 1, 1959. A brand new cultivar with golden needles and a tendency to produce cones. Originating from Bob Fincham at Coenosium Gardens.
Named by Will Fletcher for his mother, Catharine.
One of the new seedlings found by Bob Fincham's deliberate cross of the golden, weeping Picea abies 'Gold Drift' and the prolific cone-bearing Picea abies 'Acrocona'. This dwarf has golden foliage and will eventually produce numerous cones. A narrow pyramidal form, similar to the species, but with soft yellow spring growth glowing on top of the green.
Picea abies 'Gold Drift'
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Picea abies 'Gold Dust'
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A weeping golden form! Pendulous branches and a drifting (upright) or weeping central leader. Can be staked to form an upright weeper, or untrained to be a cascading mound. Yellow color is more pronounced in full sun, but can burn young plants. Discovered as a sport on 'Reflexa' by Bob Fincham. (Many believe 'Reflexa' and 'Inversa' are the same plant.)

For specimen sizes, please take a look at these listings: Specimens 2.5' Specimens 5.5'
A tight narrow pyramid with gold-dusted bluish-green needles.  Neeles are gold at the stem base and green toward the tip.
One of the many seedlings named by Bob Fincham for their golden growth. It wll form an irregular, semi-weeping plant with A dwarf with lemon-lime-yellow-green foliage.  Looks nicer in winter.
Picea abies 'Vermont Gold'
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A dwarf pyramidal form with extremely bright - almost fluorescent - gold foliage in spring. Color persists for a few months, gradually fading to green. Grows best in part shade - can burn in full sun.

For specimen sizes, please take a look at these listings: Specimens 7.5'
In summer, this low, spreading form of bird's nest spruce has bright gold foliage above shaded, green sections. Planting in part sun brings out the best gold color and protects the needles from winter sunburn. A beacon of light in the garden!

For specimen sizes, please take a look at these listings: Specimens 3'
Picea glauca 'Gold Tip'
Our Price: $59.99
When most conifers have faded to a softer summer color, this dwarf Alberta spruce puts on a second flush of golden growth that brightens up the scene. The slow-growing, narrow cone gets its best color in full sun. The small blue needles of this black spruce develop a golden cast where the sun hits them. The unique variegation accentuates the horizontal branches and virtually shines in the winter landscape.  The upright tree's summer color---golden-blue---is spectacular as well.
Picea omorika 'Aurea'
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Picea omorika 'Peve Tijn'
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The needles of this narrow conical Serbian spruce start out yellow-green but gradually change to blue and green producing a mix of shades of gold, blue and green.  To assure the most vibrant gold, we take cuttings only from stock plants that are very yellow.  Many other nurseries offer 'Aurea' that are not nearly as bright. A dwarf globose form with golden-highlighted blue-green needles.  The golden color is phenomenal, as is the compact size.  As it matures, it becomes more pyramidal.  It was found as a sport on a Picea omorika 'Nana' at Vergeldt Nursery, The Netherlands.  Also known as 'Tijn.'
A dwarf upright with yellow new growth.  We only recently started to grow this, more description to come. A dwarf, tight, broad pyramid with brighter foliage than 'Skylands.'  Originated around 2000 at Iseli Nursery, Boring, OR.  Grows more slowly than 'Skylands'. Also known as 'Skylands Seedling.'
Picea orientalis 'Skylands'
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: $23.99
A spreading form with golden frosted green foliage. Simply stunning: bright yellow new growth softens to golden-yellow that lasts all year! Add purple cones and an interesting form for a truly outstanding combination of color and form. Plants have irregular forms when young, then become broadly conical at 5-7 years old, and then narrowly conical in maturity. When young, the plants benefit from some shade to avoid foliage burn from hot sun, but given too much shade, their yellow will fade and become more green. Mature plants in full sun boast bright yellow all year.

For specimen sizes, please take a look at these listings: Specimens 20.5' Specimens 9.5'
This new selection of Oriental Spruce was introduced by Bob Fincham. It has a unique golden color that contrasts nicely with the new growth, giving the tree a green-on-gold appearance. A miniature form with tiny golden-yellow needles.  Difficult to propagate due to the tiny foliage.  Also known as 'Tom Thumb.'
Picea pungens 'Colonial Gold'
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A dwarf green form with a creamy-gold tipped needles on gray-green interior foliage.  Bright yellow new growth in spring. A conical form with gray-green foliage with bright, almost fluorescent yellow-cream new growth making it glow in spring. New foliage fades to green into summer

For specimen sizes, please take a look at these listings: Specimens 5'