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Abies alba 'Green Spiral'
Our Price: $59.99
Abies alba 'Hedge'
Our Price: $99.99
The pendulous branches and leader of this informal, upright European silver fir spiral or twist to give it a very attractive, sculptural appeal. New light green needles that mature to glossy green are decorated by silvery undersides. A low-growing, spreading fir with dark-green needles densely arranged on the branches.
Abies alba 'Pendula'
Our Price: $23.99
Tiers of dark-green, glossy foliage look like pancakes stacked atop each other. A very unique, and flat-topped fir that grows symmetrically in a column. This weeping European silver fir can be staked to attain a taller form from which the branches will gracefully drape, or it can be left unstaked and form a spreading mound. Glossy green needles have silvery undersides.

For specimen sizes, please take a look at these listings: Specimens 7.5' Specimens 8'
Abies alba 'Pyramidalis'
Our Price: $114.99
A dense, narrow form of European silver fir, this tree develops a conical shape. Glossy dark green needles have silvery undersides.

For specimen sizes, please take a look at these listings: Specimens 5.5'
Low and slow-growing, this spreading Pacific silver fir with lush green and gray-blue foliage makes an attractive ground cover.
For a beautiful display of upright purple cones above dense green needles, this low, spreading form of Arnoldiana fir with green needles is an excellent choice. The prostrate plant, a cross between Abies koreana and Abies veitchii, grows very slowly. Extremely hardy and reliable, this round, flattened form of dwarf balsam fir has bright green new growth that contrasts nicely with its shiny dark green mature foliage. Crushed needles remind one of Christmas in the days of yore. A soft fuzzy conifer, with striking white undersides, hidden so only you know they are there. Perfect for that small space. Abies balsamea, the momma plant, has an annual growth rate in excess of 18 inches per year. Whereas, Abies balsamea 'Nana' grows only 2 to 3 inches per year. Plant it where you can enjoy it, from your best garden chair.

For specimen sizes, please take a look at these listings: Specimens 2.5'
Rich, steel-blue foliage on this upright, pyramidal conifer is an outstanding color, akin to that of many Noble Firs but uncommon for Abies balsamea. Found at a Christmas tree plantation in New Hampshire. The leader and branches of this narrow, weeping balsam fir start out upright or horizontal and gradually angle down as they age. At 10 years, the lower 80% of the tree's branches will be weeping and the upper 20% will extend horizontally or upright.

One might ask: who was Larry???  

Regardless, with Abies balsamea 'Weeping Larry' you will have a decision to make.  That being whether you are going to force it into some preconceived notion of what you think it will be.  Or, left to its own devices, whether you will be willing to join the 'weirder the better' club.  We have seen specimens simply take off at a 45 degree angle.. then go up for a few years, then do other things.  Why? I ask, why not???  Where was I, oh, typical balsamae with its fragrance and white undersides.  

Also, should you wish to train this, timing is of the essence. Once the wood hardens, you will NOT be bending it back.  So be prepared to do such very carefully in early spring, without breaking off tender new growth.  Its a real catch 22.

Do you have enough of a sense of humor in your garden for something potentially as weird as Abies balsamea 'Weeping Larry'????  BTW, it was Larry Stanley, and he did man up enough to offer us this remarkable plant.  Thanks Larry.
An excellent seedling selection with exceptionally blue needles that persist. Discovered in Maine. A dwarf spreading Greek fir, this slow-growing selection has small, somewhat spiky needles that radiate around its branches.

For specimen sizes, please take a look at these listings: Specimens 6.5'
Bright silver-blue needles on this dense, upright selection give the tree a soft texture. A slow growth rate and beautiful color make this tree a good accent plant. A dense narrow pyramidal concolor fir with gracefully hanging side branches.  Powder blue needles and light green-blue new growth give a very soft look.

Abies concolor 'Blue Cloak' is one of the conifers that is a pleasure to touch and feel, with its soft, thick, waxy needles.  Reach in there, and break off a few of the older needles, and crush them heavily in your fingers.  Most folks will smell citrus, and especially grapefruit, once you suggest such.  The blue coating is actually a wax on a green needle, so the color can vary, depending on how blue the sky is any given day.  The wax can also wear off if blasted by a sprinkler system; so try to avoid that.  One of the coolest features on Abies concolor 'Blue Cloak' is its sapphire blue 3 inch upright cones, once the plant matures enough to cone.

Abies concolor 'Blue Cloak' is a 'must have' for the gardening blue freak; if you have the space.  And if you dont have the space for a large conifer, look into a dwarf version, we will be offering many in the near future - just to get you excited, take a look at our listings for 'Archer's Dwarf', 'King's Gap', 'Eagle Point', and many others!

Abies concolor 'Blue Cloak' differs from 'Candicans' in that it has slightly pendulous side branches.

BTW, just for the record, this plant has fir cones.  NOT PINE CONES.
Abies concolor 'Glenmore'
Our Price: $134.99
A conical form with branches that hang rather than weep.  Nice glossy gray-green foliage. A conical white fir with white-blue needles.
Thick, blue-green needles on this dwarf fir have a glaucous, powdery coating on the surfaces. Found as a witch's broom at Hidden Lakes Garden, 'Hosta la Vista' was first dubbed Abies concolor 'Hidden Lakes WB'.  The massive Abies concolor in which this was found is 60-80' tall, providing shade for a collection of hostas. The name means "the view of the hostas."  Hidden Lakes Gardens is the botanical garden and arboretum managed by Michigan State University, and it contains the phenomenal Harper Collection of Dwarf and Rare Conifers.  Justin "Chub" Harper donated his entire collection to the University.  His enthusiasm and spirit in the conifer world sparked hundreds of enthusiasts, and there is a newly-written book about him and his collection, "People & Plants:  The Harper Collection of Dwarf and Rare Conifers" edited by Dr. Ronald Elardo and Steven Courtney. This tiny little fir has bright blue needles that are fairly long. The color and form make it an excellent rock garden selection.
The texture of this plant is similar to that of a cumulus cloud with a pillow-like texture and soft tones of light, blue-green foliage. An excellent rock garden plant that is an eye-catcher yet stays relatively small. Short, grayish-blue needles on this miniature fir stand up on each of the tiny branchlets. Its miniature growth rate makes it a cute dwarf for a rock garden.
The needles of this slow-growing white fir start out lush chartreuse and soften to incredible buttery yellow. Hardy and tough enough to stand up to full sun, the broadly conical tree develops brilliant winter color.

For specimen sizes, please take a look at these listings: Specimens 4.5' Specimens 4.5'
An open conical form with horizontal branches and blunt green needles with white undersides.  Outstanding purple cones.
Compact and columnar, this form of Fraser fir is a good choice for the small garden, where its short, horizontal branches and short, dense needles deliver an upright evergreen presence in little room. Shiny, dark green needles are complemented by upright, resinous cones. Each needle is generously coated with a glaucous, powder-blue coating that is one of the brightest blues in any fir. A truly outstanding color!
Abies homolepis 'Tomomi'
Our Price: $39.99
This cultivar was selected from an intentional hybridization between Abies grandis and Abies concolor by Kurt Wittboldt-M´┐Żller in Germany. The needles are arranged in rows more flattened than that of Abies concolor but are significantly bluer than those of Abies grandis. An excellent intermediate fir with beautiful foliage. Found in the Arnold Arboretum, Jamaica Plains, MA.  This upright gwoer cones incredibly early, so you don't have to wait for the large, beautiful Nikko fir cones.  Green needles are short for the species.  Cones are purple with bright green highlights
Abies koreana 'Aurea'
Our Price: $49.99
Short, incredibly dark-green needles are arranged densely on the branches of this handsome dwarf fir. It will grow to be a tight, somewhat-upright plant. Bright yellow needles with white undersides give this slow-growing Korean fir a distinctive look. Striking upright purple cones contrast the foliage, which takes on a softer shade in summer. Mature plants can tolerate full sun, but juvenile plants prefer some shade. A low, spreading shrub when young, becoming conical with age.
Exceptionally dark-green needles on this dwarf fir accent the buds at the branch tips. Will form a dense, upright, pyramidal tree with age. This low, spreading fir has beautiful golden foliage. It does not develop a leader, and will form a ground-covering shrub with time.