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At Conifer Kingdom we have over 1,000 varieties of Dwarf Conifers available, and we focus on introducing rare and unusual varieties. Conifers can work for many different landscaping scenarios: upright, weeping, columnar, prostrate, globose, dwarf, and miniature forms are part of our selection. Additionally, they are great for bonsai, trough gardens, railroad gardens, rock gardens, and container displays. Conifers are available in every color imaginable - red, yellow, green, blue, and ones with variegated foliage can be combined to make an impressive assortment in any garden. Textures range from soft needles of white pines and firs, to the more rigid appearance of spruces and alpine varieties. Not all conifers are evergreen! Larch, ginkgo, and dawn redwood are deciduous conifers that have unique color change througout the seasons.

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