Picea engelmannii - Engelmann Spruces

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Englemann Spruce is native to the mountains of western North America from British Columbia down to Nevada and New Mexico. In its native habitat, it is a narrow, pyramidal spire that becomes cylindrical with age. It can grow to 80’-100’H × 10’-15’W except at the timberline where it becomes stunted and low-growing. In 10 years of cultivation, it can grow 12’-15’H × 2’-2.5’W. The 1” dark green to blue-green needles grow in a spiral around the stem and are 4-sided in cross section. Reddish-brown seed cones hang down from the branches. Englemann Spruce grows best in full sun in a variety of moist soils that are well-draining. It is hardy from USDA zones 1 to 8.