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Welcome to Conifer Kingdom - your source for Japanese Maples & Dwarf Conifers

Dwarf conifers and Japanese maples are excellent options for virtually all gardens, and especially urban and suburban sites where space is limited. They combine compact, refined habits with brilliant colors, intriguing textures, and cool cones and seeds. Plus, they are hardy and extremely low maintenance.

Conifer Kingdom in Oregon caters to customers across the nation who appreciate unique dwarf evergreens and superior Japanese maples. We offer dwarf pine, dwarf spruce, and dwarf fir selections, all essential landscape elements in colder parts of the country (Zones 2-8). These dwarf evergreens range in size, texture, color, and form. Dwarf pines,including Japanese pine, Korean pine, Jack pine, and laceleaf Chinese pine, produce unique sculptural forms. Dwarf spruce treestake extremely cold conditions, and true fir trees offer exciting foliage color and striking cones.

Our stock of Japanese maple trees includes well over 100 selections in a dazzling range. With finely dissected foliage or broader, palmate foliage, our dwarf Japanese maple trees offer appealing options for even the most sophisticated landscape.

Conifer Kingdom is a retail, mail-order nursery focusing on dwarf evergreens and Japanese maples -- plants that grow slowly and maintain year-round beauty. We grow all of our plants in containers. They are available in a variety of sizes, from small band pots to dramatic, specimen sizes as big as #200 (~200 gallon) containers for some varieties.