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45-Day Guarantee

Conifer Kingdom only sends the healthiest, most robust plants. To instill buyer confidence, we offer a 45-Day Growing Guarantee.*

If your order arrives damaged or if you have concerns about plant health, simply notify us within 7 days of receiving your order, providing photo documentation of the problem.

If you notify us within 7 days that there is an issue with the quality of your plants, and they fail within the first 45 days, you may be eligible for a store credit, one-time replacement plant, or a full refund.

Additionally, within 45 days of receiving your order, if your plant is not thriving, you may also be eligible for a store credit.

Buying plants online can be scary with all the unknowns, but you can purchase with confidence knowing that Conifer Kingdom stands by our products with unsurpassed quality and this customer satisfaction guarantee.

Returns & Exchanges

Due to the risk associated with shipping plants, it is not practical to allow for returns in most circumstances. For issues of preferential differences, insignificant cosmetic flaws, or unmet expectations regarding the plants received, we will not accept returns or exchanges. Occasionally mistakes happen. If the incorrect items are received, do not cut the shipping box or remove the plants from the package. Instead, contact us to determine whether the items are eligible for return shipment, and we will get the correct items sent to you immediately.

In certain regions of the country, particularly southern states where extreme heat and/or humidity may not be conducive to the health of the item(s) ordered, it may void the guarantee. In these instances, Conifer Kingdom is only able to offer a guarantee up to 14 days from receipt of the order. Although we make every effort to provide helpful information on our website to determine where a particular type of plant will perform well, there are so many variables, so we advise potential buyers to use due diligence in consulting with local landscaping services or extension offices to make an informed purchase decision for their particular region. Naturally Conifer Kingdom cannot accept liability for plant death caused by temperature fluctuations, extreme drought, or sudden cold temperatures. Also certain plants such as ornamental grasses and some perennials will be fully dormant or entering dormancy at the time of shipment. This seasonal color change or cutting back of a plant is normal and expected, not indicating any quality concern. However, if you do have any quality concerns, please send a photo to [email protected] so we can help. Ultimately, a credit/refund/replacement decision will be issued at the sole discretion of Conifer Kingdom based on photos provided by the customer. If photos are not provided within the 45 days, those items will not be eligible for coverage under the terms of this guarantee.