The order arrived in excellent shape and I have the trees all potted now, and they are making splendid bonsai indeed!
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General Questions
Can I visit the nursery?
Yes, absolutely! If you would like to visit, please let us know by phoning or emailing to schedule an appointment. We are typically available Mon-Sat, 8am-4pm PST at 503-874-4123 or via email
Is there a guarantee on the plants?
If noticeable or severe damage occurred to the tree in transport, we will always replace it because we do insure that you will be 100% satisfied with the tree when you receive it. We cannot guarantee plant material beyond a couple weeks after arrival. Because we do not have any control over the care of the plant once it is no longer in our possession, we cannot assure its survival beyond a few weeks after it safely arrives. If you receive an item which we have also had trouble growing at the nursery, we will replace it beyond the two-week time frame on a case-by-case basis.
How should I select my plants?
Select a plant appropriate for you climate based on minimum USDA Hardiness zone as shown on the plant detail page. Most of the Japanese Maples we sell are appropriate for USDA Zones 5-8 (if you are in Zone 4 , purchase Japanese Maples at your own risk). The dwarf conifers we sell have lower limits of hardiness that vary by plant variety.
What does "on firma" mean?
Abies firma is the rootstock used for grafting. This particular species is more disease resistant and more tolerant of warm and humid conditions. Generally, there is a better chance of survivability with the firma understock, and it is more expensive to supply, which is why it costs more. If you live in the southeast or in another region with high humidity during summer heat, we recommend only purchasing firs that are "on firma."
What is the best time of year for shipping and planting?
Fall is actually the best time to receive plants in the mail. At this time of year, the plants are entering dormancy and are not as prone to damage as in spring while they are actively growing. Additionally, plants have a chance to acclimate and grow new roots in the fall before winter's cold temperatures and well in advance of the stress of the growing season. That is why October through January is the best for shipping. If you believe temperatures are too cold to plant during this time, you can easily overwinter your plants since they are shipped in containers. For specific information for your climate and the items on your order, send us an email to discuss!
Will you hold my order?
Yes, if conditions are not favorable for shipping, we can typically hold pre-paid plant orders until shipping is appropriate. At checkout, a variety of available ship dates are specified: Just select the date that you prefer. Once payment is collected on the order, we may contact you if we feel the plants would benefit from shipping at a different time.
In what zone do I live?
The USDA keeps an up-to-date hardiness zone map. Check it out!
In what zone is the nursery?
Conifer Kingdom is located in Zone 7b.
Does the zone in which a plant was grown influence its hardiness?
No! There are many factors which influence plant hardiness. If you follow our recommended shipping time, your plants will perform beautifully. The key to plant survival in cold climates (Zones 2-6) is acclimation. Plants can better acclimate to a cold climate during the fall. This allows the plant to adapt to the natural conditions as they are exposed to decreasing temperature and shorter days.
Why buy from us?
We offer an unparalleled selection of dwarf conifers and Japanese Maples. Many varieties are available for shipping in large, mature sizes. We take pride in our selection and we avoid outdated, weak, or otherwise undesirable varieties.Grower direct! We propagate, grow and nurture our own plants. We specialize in grafting and growing plants. We excel at grafting on the most hardy and adaptable rootstocks. Our propagators are seasoned experts.
Do you offer plants larger than #7's?
Yes, we have sizes through #200 (~200 gallon) containers of some varieties. We have an extensive selection of container grown specimen plants. These are ready to ship. Plants larger than #7's are typically expensive to ship. Plants larger than #10 may require a forklift or bobcat to unload. Give us a call or send us an email to request a full inventory list!
What is the best reference book for Japanese Maples?
We recommend Japanese Maples by J.D. Vertrees, updated by Peter Gregory. Published by Timber Press.
What's wrong with my maple?
Burnt or curled leaves reflect over or under-watered trees, or too much sun. If your site is well drained, are you over watering? If your site is poorly drained, then you should relocate your tree. Too much afternoon sun can also cause the leaves to burn. While burnt leaves do not look good, they are only seasonal, and if you can identify the problem and make the necessary modifications, the tree will thrive next year.
What resources are available if I have an increased interest in Conifers?
Join the American Conifer Society! Members include avid gardens and intense collectors. Learn more at