Acer palmatum

Acer palmatum is the species typically known as the “Japanese maple.” Although there are several species of maple native to Japan, Acer palmatum is the most widely-produced species for nursery production. The genetic diversity of this particular species have given rise to an incredible array of leaf types, colors, and growth habits. Because of the great variation, it is important to check that the shape, size, and hardiness are all fitting for your garden.


Because the numerous cultivars featured here vary so much, it is difficult to provide a description of the species. Although the typical leaves are palmate, some varieties of Acer palmatum have leaves that are dissected or shaped very differently.


Some Acer palmatum are only hardy to Zone 6, but there are several Acer palmatum cultivars that are hardy to zone 5. To ensure that you have selected the right Acer palmatum Japanese maple variety, make sure to check the hardiness zone map to see if it will do well in your region. On each product page, there is also a full description and additional growth information to help you find the perfect maple for your garden.