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We offer our trees in sizes from 1 year grafts to mature specimens that are decades old. Our small and large plants can be shipped all over the United States. The specimen maple sections are especially breathtaking in spring and fall when the colors are most vibrant.

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Take an inside look at our farm, a treasure trove with thousands of varieties of dwarf conifers, Japanese maples, ginkgoes, and more, that you can purchase online and have shipped to your doorstep.

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Daily activities at Conifer Kingdom involves propagating new trees by grafting, re-potting crops that are ready to go into larger containers, and preparing orders to be packaged and shipped to customers all over the US.

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By propagating and growing all of our trees here at our nursery, we can ensure that the highest quality care has been provided to our trees from day 1, which results in the highest quality plants shipped to your garden. Check our blog or send us an email for advice on continuing the best care for your trees once you receive them.