Cypress Types

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Chamaecyparis + Cupressus – Cypresses

Cypresses and false cypresses have sprays of soft foliage. Juvenile foliage is more feathery and mature foliage appears almost fern-like.

Other Cypresses

Many of the conifers called “cypresses” are not true cypress (Cupressus) but are instead a similar-looking species in the same plant family. These lookalikes are known as false cypresses. However, for simplicity, we collectively refer to them as cypresses. Particularly popular is the Hinoki cypress (Chamaecyparis obtusa). Its naturally sculptural form and delicate foliage make it an ideal choice for bonsai as well. Cypresses perform best with well-draining soil and a moderate climate with ample humidity. Particularly the Chamaecyparis are useful landscape plants all the way from New England through the Southeast.

Cypress Attributes

Cypresses have a fairly fine-textured scale-like foliage. Many cultivars have a compact growth habit, and several color options are available. Golden varieties like Filip’s Golden Tears Lawson Cypress are quite desirable, yet many blue and green types have beautiful color changes throughout the seasons. For instance, Blue Gem & Blue Surprise Lawson Cypresses take on a purple hue in winter!

Selecting The Right Cypress

One of the biggest considerations when shopping for a cypress is its rate of growth and plant form. Also ensuring that the species is hardy in your climate and selecting the color that you prefer are also major factors. If you would like helpful suggestions, we are happy to help make recommendations that fit your needs!