Chamaecyparis lawsoniana - Lawson Cypresses

Lawson Cypress, or Port-Orford-Cedar, is native to Oregon and northwestern California. It has a dense, pyramidal shape, and grows 7’-10’ high in 10 years. In cultivation, it will grow 40’-60’, and 175’ in the wild. Its sprays of green to blue-green scale-like foliage with silver undersides give a feathery appearance, and one-quarter to one-half inch round seed cones are green when young and mature to brown. A number of Lawson Cypress cultivars have been developed with varying colors, shapes, and sizes that are perfect for a landscape setting. It grows in full sun to partial shade in USDA zones 5 to 8 in a variety of neutral to slightly acidic soils that must be well draining.

Lawson Cypress is susceptible to cedar root disease (Phytopthora lateralis), a water-borne mold that enters through the roots and travels up the tree. It is almost always fatal. Preventive measures are used to slow the spread of the mold, but disease-resistant rootstocks and resistant varieties are the best choice for buyers of Lawson Cypress. All of Conifer Kingdom’s Lawson Cypress varieties are grafted onto disease-resistant rootstocks (DR) so they are not susceptible to the mold.

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