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Shot-hole Fungus on Schip Laurel

Shot-hole is an omnipresent issue of small holes in leaves resulting from growing laurels in containers for nursery production. Despite nursery best practices, … Read more

Green Giant Arborvitae

(Thuja plicata × standishii ‘Green Giant’) Green Giant Arborvitae is an outstanding, easy-care tree that is versatile and adaptable for multiple uses in … Read more

Hedges in the Winter Garden

Hedges are living fences that can be grown as a border, for privacy, as a windbreak, or to define spaces in your garden. … Read more

Cold Hardy Hedges for Texas

February 10th through February 20th, 2021 ushered in a series of three severe winter storms that swept through the southern United States with … Read more

Hedges and Topiary

Decorative Gardening Agriculture began in the Fertile Crescent and West Asia during the Neolithic Age 4,000 to 6,000 years ago. It extended in … Read more

Conifers | A Complete Guide

Conifer General Conifers are more than Christmas trees. There are 600+ species of conifers, and thousands of rare, incredibly unique cultivars and varieties. … Read more

Conifers for Shade

Colbys’ Digs “Adapt what is useful, reject what is useless, and add what is specificallyyour own.” -Bruce Lee Although this quote references martial … Read more

Conifers for the Southeast

Conifers are native to all the Earth’s continents except Antarctica, ranging from tropical environments to boreal forests. They make up a relatively small … Read more

Interesting Varieties of True Cedars

True cedars are ancient trees with thousands of years of history, mythology, and cultural significance surrounding them. Through the centuries, they have been … Read more

Winter Gold Conifers

During the winter months when skies are gray and gardens are colorless, there is a bright group of conifers that add warmth to … Read more

Trophy Trees

Exceptional specimens for the discriminating buyer Conifer Kingdom proudly offers an extensive collection of exquisite trophy trees for the discerning buyer. Customers looking … Read more

Colorful and Unique Bark Maples

We love all Japanese maples, but the varieties with unusual features hold a special place in our hearts. A big benefit of Japanese … Read more

Gift Plants

We appreciate the business of our customers, so we reward every purchase over $100 (before shipping) with a nice conifer or maple that … Read more

Witches’ Broom Plant Disease

Grafting season is nearly upon us again, and we are setting out to collect many of the witch’s brooms we have discovered in … Read more

Japanese Maples & Fall Colors

While most maples are regarded for having stunning leaf color in the fall, many Acer palmatum have colorful samaras and outstanding transitional colors from … Read more

Get to Know the Japanese Maple

Japanese maples have some of the most beautiful foliage of any landscape trees. Leaves are long and wide, having several lobes in odd … Read more

Fairy Gardens!

The big back yards of suburbia have become less common, exchanged instead for a green patch behind a townhouse or even a container … Read more