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Our Tree Pots are a great way to start your dream hedge for a very low cost. These instructions will tell you everything you need to know about giving them the best start in life.


There are many factors to consider when deciding how far apart to space your plants:

  1. Growth rate/form of your selected plant type
  2. Ultimate desired height of your hedge
  3. Ultimate desired width of your hedge
  4. How much you want the plants to touch each other

Here are some general spacing guidelines for the different varieties we offer:

VarietySpace for
2’ HT3-4’ HT6-8’ HT10-12’ HT15’+ HT
Green Mountain Boxwood12”12-18”
Green Spire Euonymus9”12”
Blue Maid Holly12-18”2-3’4-5’
Skyrocket Juniper18-24”3-4’5-6’
Box Honeysuckle12”12-18”
Schip laurel18-24”2-3’
Portuguese laurel12-18”2-3’3-4’
Hicks Yew12-18”2-3’3-4’
Little Simon Arborvitae12-18”
Emerald Green Arborvitae18-24”2-3’3-4’
Green Giant Arborvitae3’4-6’7-10’
Virescens Western Red Cedar2-3’4-5’6-8’

There are multiple configurations you can use when planting your hedge:




What to do with your new tree pots

– Receiving

  • Remove from boxes immediately
  • Water well
  • Report any damage to [email protected] with photos and notes

– Planting

  • Dig holes same depth as the pot and twice as wide
  • Remove trees from pots and gently tease apart roots
  • Place in hole and make sure root flare is even with soil surface
  • Fill with loose soil, pack very gently, and water well
  • Mulch and apply a slow-release fertilizer

– Maintenance

  • Water regularly during first several growing seasons
  • Yearly application of mulch and slow-release fertilizer
  • Wait several years before pruning to your desired shape