Boxwood has been a landscape plant since ancient times the world over as the shrub of choice for hedges, topiary, knot gardens, containers, and formal gardens of all kinds. It is the most popular broadleaved evergreen sold in the U.S. today because of its versatility and attractiveness. Its tight branching pattern along with its small, dark green leaves give it a fine texture that is perfect for shearing into hedges and topiary.

Among the many boxwood varieties, “Green Mountain” (Buxus × “Green Mountain”) is a favorite. It has a good dark green color, is slow growing, deer and rabbit resistant, can tolerate a variety of soils, and grows well in either sun or partial shade. It is also one of the most resistant varieties to the Boxwood Blight. The “Green Mountain” MiniHedge™ that we offer is a great option for creating a hedge without having to wait for it to grow. Each MiniHedge™ unit has five bushes, ready to plant. With the right number of units planted end to end, you can create a complete, mature hedge on your property in day!

The Dream Garden Starter Package is an extension of the “Green Mountain” MiniHedge offering. It includes 16 MiniHedge™ units (80 bushes) and two topiaries. Whether you are looking to put in a border hedge, a parterre for flowers or vegetables, a formal knot garden, or a foundation planting, this package will start you on your way to create any hedge design that you desire for your property.