Buxus sempervirens Common Boxwood MiniHedgeXL

Green Mountain Boxwood is a favorite of landscapers and gardeners all over the US.


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Common Boxwood is a favorite of landscapers and gardeners all over the US. It has impressive cold-hardiness and resistance to deer and rabbits.  It has a moderately slow growth rate with an oval habit, making it perfect for growing as a hedge. It responds very well to pruning and tolerates a wide range of growing conditions.


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About Common Boxwood 

It has impressive cold-hardiness for a boxwood, down to USDA Zone 5, and also tolerates heat and drought quite well. Common Boxwood has a moderately slow growth rate of 3-6” per year. This makes it easy to maintain but also capable of being grown up to a 3-4’ size over time. It forms a wide oval shape that is easy to manipulate with pruning and shape into a perfect hedge. Common Boxwood is evergreen and maintains a nice, deep green color all year. Sometimes if it is planted in full sun there may be a little bit of winter bronzing, but it is very little compared to a lot of boxwood varieties. Deer and rabbits won’t touch Boxwood. Common Boxwood is a versatile boxwood that can be used in any type of garden style, from traditional to cottage to modern.


Top Qualities Common Boxwood 

  • 1. Dark Green Color
  • 2. Moderately Slow Growth Rate
  • 3. Deer and Rabbit Resistant
  • 4. Versatile Size 
  • 5. Low-Maintenance 

Additional information

Latin Name

Buxus sempervirens

Common Name

Common Boxwood

Sun Exposure

Sun to Partial Shade

Annual Growth

3-6" per year





Plant Form

Wide Pyramid Oval

Growth Rate


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