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Evergreens have the agreeable characteristic of staying green all year as opposed to deciduous trees and shrubs. They can be conifers, such as arborvitae and red cedar, or broad-leaved such as laurel, firethorn, and boxwood. The evergreen hedges selections we are offering here all make excellent hedges due to their dense growth, easy care, and ability to grow in a variety of conditions.

The large-textured trees, such as the laurels, make a strong statement and do best from a design standpoint in a large area as a medium to tall hedges or accent trees. The finer-textured varieties, such as boxwoods, arborvitaes, or red cedars, can be used in either small or large areas as tall privacy hedges or low formal hedges for knot gardens, parterres, or borders. They can also be clipped into topiary.

The broad-leaved evergreens offered here, laurels and firethorn, flower in the spring, and display colorful berries in the summer and fall, which is another attribute to take into consideration. They attract birds and bees which may be of interest in your property, and the color between the varieties is different, too. They are all shades of dark green, but some are brighter than others.

If you are looking for an easy-care, consistently dense hedge year-round, then evergreens hedges are the way to go.