MiniHedges are pre-grown hedge units of five plants each that create an instant hedge when planted. Instead of waiting four or five years for a hedge to grow and become established, MiniHedge™ hedges are already mature and ready in a day! The three varieties of MiniHedges that we offer are all popular hedging plants with great color, resiliency, and vigor. Each unit is 18”-24” high from soil to top of plant, 32” long, and 10” thick. The root ball is 7” deep × 10” wide, and each unit weighs less than 40 pounds. They are grown and shipped in plastic pots either on pallets by truck, or by FedEx Home Delivery. A small order of MiniHedge™ plants would do well shipped by FedEx, and can be delivered seven days a week. A larger order would need to be shipped on pallets by truck. 24 hedge units fit on a pallet, and 26 pallets, or 624 units, fit on a truck, and it would take about a week to arrive.

Dig the right length trench before the truck arrives. You’ll need two strong people to offload the truck and move the hedges to their planting area. Set the hedges into the trench, backfill and water, and then enjoy your new hedge!

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