Abies alba - European Silver Fir

European Silver Fir is a conifer native to the mountains of Central and Southern Europe. It has a spire-shaped, pyramidal form with long branches that sweep down to the ground. Dark green, glossy needles with silver undersides grow in two ranks on the branches, angled toward the tips. When viewed from below, the tree shimmers with silver. Four to six inch long cones sit upright on the branches that are green when young and then turn brown with age. The species is slow growing when young, but increases to a yearly growth of about 30” after 6 years. It is 6’-12’H × 4’-5’W in 10 years and 100’-160’ tall at maturity, but its cultivars vary in height and width. European Silver Fir is hardy to USDA zones 4 to 8, and grows best in slightly acidic, consistently moist and well-drained soil.

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