Abies procera - Noble Firs

Noble Fir is the tallest of the firs and is native to the Cascade and Coastal Range mountains from Washington and Oregon down to northwest California. In 10 years it grows over 12’ high at 12” per year, and can grow 50’-100’ high in a landscape setting, In the wild, however, it can reach up to 230’. It has a pyramidal shape, and stiff, symmetrical branches that grow out from the trunk in tiers. The needles are blue-green, 4-angled in cross section, and arranged spirally around the branches. Four to six inch long seed cones sit upright on the branches and ripen to a purplish-brown, then disintegrate after seed dispersal. Noble Fir grows in sun to partial shade in deep, moist, sandy to loamy, acidic soil, and in USDA hardiness zones 6 to 8.

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