InstantHedges are pre-grown hedge units of four plants 3’- 4’ or 5’- 6’ each that create an instant hedge when planted. Instead of waiting at least five years for a hedge to grow and become established, InstantHedge™ hedges are mature and ready in a day! These plants have been cultivated and pruned for five years with our patented technology and equipment so they are ready within a few days of shipping. We use tractor-mounted local satellite, high-frequency GPS technology that guides our precision agricultural equipment for planting, watering, root pruning, and delicate sculpting and harvesting that is accurate to within one-half inch. The hedges are pruned five times a year, and two rows can be taken care of at once. Four plants are harvested at a time with a u-shaped blade to ensure that 90% of all the root system remains intact and there is little to no transplant shock. The harvester then places them in 40” long containers that are 116″ wide and 12″ deep. They weigh 250 pounds each. The 3’-4’ and 5’-6’ high hedges are shipped by truck in the containers of your choice — compostable cardboard boxes that can be planted right with the trees, fabric bags with handles, or cedar boxes. Ten linear feet, or three of these units fit on a 40” × 48” pallet, and 30 pallets, or 90 hedge units, fit on a truck. They can be ready for shipping any time of the year.

Nurturing a hedge from tree pot or gallon size to maturity takes years of patience and a lot of pruning and careful maintenance. Tree pot sized plants will take four to five years to grow to a finished hedge, and gallon sized plants will take about three to four years. Instead of waiting three, four, or five years for a hedge to grow and become established from small, individual trees, InstantHedge™ hedges are already mature and ready in a day! The patented root pruning and harvesting technique reduces transplant shock so that the hedge establishes quickly and only requires light maintenance pruning to keep it looking its best.

Dig a trench 12” deep and at least 20” wide and the right length for your hedge before the truck arrives, and have two strong people ready to transfer the hedges to their planting area. After the hedge is planted, backfill the trench, lay a drip irrigation tube, and apply a slow-release fertilizer. Once the hedge is planted and watered, you can sit back and enjoy your new, fully mature hedge!

We offer a selection of types of trees through InstantHedge™ — evergreen, deciduous, broadleaved, and conifer. They are hardy from USDA hardiness zones 3, 5 or 6 to zones 8 or 9, depending on the species. Check your own hardiness zone and make sure it is favorable for the trees you buy. These trees only require light pruning every year to keep them at the height and width that is right for your property. Enjoy your new hedge!