Pyracantha ‘Teton’ Teton Firethorn InstantHedge 10 linear feet

Teton Firethorn is an eye-catching hedge choice that is extremely versatile and easy to grow.

Midwest and East Coast orders: 30 linear feet minimum (qty 3)
West Coast orders: 20 linear feet minimum order (qty 2)



Teton Firethorn is an eye-catching hedge choice that is extremely versatile and easy to grow. It is evergreen and has
a showy flower display in early summer, followed by bright orange fruits that are held through the winter months. It
has sharp spines that deter deer, but pollinators and birds love the flowers and fruit.



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About Teton Firethorn 

A Teton Firethorn hedge is a showstopper, no question. Its small evergreen leaves form a great year-round
backdrop, but the real excitement happens in early summer and winter. In May or June, the hedge will burst into
bloom. The flowers are small, white, profuse, and loved by pollinator bees. Once the flowers fade, they spend
the summer developing small, round fruits that begin to turn orange by early fall. In October and November, the
fruits fully develop their bright orange color and they persist until January or February. Birds relish the
fruit and find shelter in the branches. Teton Firethorn, as the name suggests, has sharp thorns on all the
branches.. This deters deer and makes it a great choice for a hedge in an area needing increased security. It is
hardy to USDA Zone 6 and grows in a wide range of soils. It grows in full sun to nearly full shade. It is a
moderate grower, putting on around 8 inches of growth per year. It responds well to pruning and can be kept as a
formal or more casual hedge anywhere from 4’ to 10’ tall. You can prune these with electric hedge
trimmers for quick and easy maintenance.



Top Qualities of Teton Firethorn 

  • 1. Orange berries all winter
  • 2. Profuse white flowers in spring
  • 3. Evergreen foliage
  • 4. Sharp thorns for security and deer-resistance
  • 5. Easy to grow 

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