Weeping conifers are typically either staked upright to form a narrow, weeping tree with pendulous side branches or grown as a low mound of draping foliage. The varieties all have branches that are somewhat drooping, creating a graceful elegant effect as they mature. On each product page, a full description as well as additional growth information is provided for each. Find the perfect weeping tree for your garden by using the search filters on the left to meet your needs.

Weeping conifers are often seen as living garden sculptures. This particular growth habit gives these varieties a dramatic appearance that can become rather sculptural. Pendulous conifers can be used individually to create a statement in the midst of a garden or to create a soft texture among other, shorter-statured plants in a mixed border.

Conifers with weeping branches are truly unique, and every garden should have at least one. Let us know if we can help you find the perfect weeping tree for your garden.