Green Conifers

Green is the most common color for conifers so it is no wonder that many people consider conifers synonymous with the term “evergreens,” even though there are many deciduous conifers! The varieties on this page are predominantly green in color with accompanying colors such as the two-tone blue and green Serbian spruces (Picea omorika). On each product page, additional photos as well as growth information is provided. Find the perfect green conifer for your garden by using the search filters on the left to meet your needs.


Green is truly a great background on which all other colors can be displayed. Colors can range from the yellow-green of many larches (Larix) to the deep, dark green color of the Bosnian pines (Pinus heldreichii).


Green conifers add life to the garden even in the middle of winter. New growth often emerges a brighter, almost chartreuse color on many conifers, creating additional interest in springtime.

We offer the largest selection of green conifers. You are sure to find just the right variety for your garden. Let us know if you would like help in making a selection!