Blue Conifers

Perhaps best known for its blue color is the Colorado spruce (Picea pungens). There are so many other conifers that also provide different types of blue color! The varieties on this page have foliage that is primarily blue, but other colors are often featured as well. On each product page, a full description as well as growth information is provided. Find the perfect blue conifer for your garden by using the search filters on the left to meet your needs.


Such a range of blue conifers are available that the options can be overwhelming! If you are looking for a light blue color, many of the Subalpine firs (Abies lasiocarpa) and Colorado spruce (Picea pungens) are great options. For a deeper, grayish-blue color, the White Spruce (Picea glauca) is an excellent species to consider.


Some blue conifers have a more inconspicuous color during much of the year, saving their most stunning blue color for spring’s growth. Other varieties look most noticeably blue once the new growth hardens off!

If you are looking for a blue conifer that is different from what is typically available, look no further. You will not be disappointed!

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