Pyramid-shaped conifers are one of the more traditional growth habits available. The typical “Christmas tree” look is a pyramidal, or conical growth habit as well as many tall forest trees also exhibiting this shape as they mature. The varieties on this page are more or less pyramidal, meaning that they have a vertical tendency, developing more broad branching at the base and tapering toward the top of the tree. On each product page, a full description as well as additional growth information is provided. Find the perfect pyramid-shaped conifer for your garden by using the search filters on the left to meet your needs.

This handsome growth form gives a landscape a natural, finished look. Conifers with this growth habit provide the backbone for the landscape, allowing more unusual forms like weeping, sculptural, and spreading conifers to be displayed more prominently.

If you are looking for a conifer that provides structure in the landscape, a pyramidal conifer is the best choice.

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