Cornus mas Cornelian-cherry InstantHedge 10 linear feet

Cornus Mas (Cornelian Cherry) tree develops fleshy dark-red cherries in mid-summer.

Midwest and East Coast orders: 30 linear feet minimum (qty 3)
West Coast orders: 20 linear feet minimum order (qty 2)



Cornus Mas (Cornelian Cherry) tree develops fleshy dark-red cherries in mid-summer. The fruit are edible, but fairly
sour fresh off the tree. However, they can be used for making tasty syrups and preserves.



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About Cornus mas 

Valued for early spring bloom, the Cornelian Cherry Dogwood can be grown as a low-branching, multi-stemmed shrub
or small garden tree. More than other similar species, Cornus Mas tree is resistant to many different potential
pests and diseases. Native to Europe and into western Asia, the Cornelian Cherry Dogwood  can grow up to 25
feet tall with a 20-foot spread. The mature tree’s trunk has a distinctive scaly and exfoliating bark.
Also, see Star magnolia, a low branching flowering hedge. Although there are many garden hedges to be explored,
you can check out different types of hedges available in a deciduous and evergreen variety.



Top Qualities of Cornus mas 

  • Dense tree that can be easily shaped into desired hedge shape

  • Stunning yellow blossoms in the spring

  • Resistant to pests and diseases

  • Produces edible fruit in the summer

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