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Shipping Large and Mature Trees

Our expert packing team has shipped dozens of large trees. Shipping mature trees takes time and precision. We strive to make all of our shipments painless.

Frequently Asked Questions...


How do we ship large/specimen plants?

All mature and Specimen trees (larger than #10 sizes) ship on a freight truck. Most often, we ship the trees secured on pallets and wrapped in cardboard. The trucking company will contact you to arrange delivery. If you have equipment to unload the pallet, great, otherwise we can arrange delivery with a trucking company with liftgate service (residential liftgate service adds around $75 to the shipping cost).


Who do you ship them through?

It depends on what shipping company delivers to your location for the best price. It is usually FedEx or UPS.

How much does a large/specimen tree weigh?

150 to 500 lbs. on average. It depends on container size and the age of the tree.

Where can I find out how much it is going to cost to ship?

Contact us with your shipping address and the items you are interested in and we build a custom shipping quote. Most pallets ship for $300-500, and we can fit multiple medium size specimen trees on a single pallet.

What kind of container is a large/specimen tree shipped in/planted in?

Large and Specimen trees are shipped in original container as listed on the website. They range from #10 - #200. We also ship balled and burlap (B&B) trees which are dug to order.

How long does it take to ship a large/specimen tree?

Plants in containers can be shipped within a few days. The pallet will typically arrive in 3-10 days (2-3 days to the West Coast, 3-7 days to the Midwest, and 7-10 days to the East Coast).

How can I save on shipping?

To get the best value, place a large order. This brings down the price per plant of shipping. The more plants you fit on the pallet, the better deal you get for the flat rate shipping.

What about the weather?

We can delay shipping to fit your needs. If the weather is hot in your area, we can apply an anti transpirant to the plant for an additional charge. We use Wilt-pruf to keep the plants safe in transit.

How much can fit on a pallet?

This pallet contains 23 #3s and 100 #1s. We can typically ship 4 #25s on a single pallet with lots of small items stacked between them.


How do we custom pack them?

Generally, it is most efficient to ship several items on a pallet. This insures that items do not shift in transit. It is more economical because a pallet costs a flat rate, and makes the overall shipping cost lower. Depending on plant size, we can fit at least 12 additional plants.


How much does it cost?

Anywhere from $300-500 to ship a pallet, depending on location in the USA. (Excludes AK & HI)

What are large or specimen trees shipped on?

We ship Large and Specimen Plants on pallets reinforced with ties, plastic, and styrofoam as needed to ensure safe transit.


Do you personally deliver?

We may be able to deliver to OR & WA depending on location and order total.

Does Conifer Kingdom make money on shipping?

We attempt to cover costs associated with shipping but do not try to make profits on shipping.

What if I want a bunch of small plants as well as a large specimen tree?

No problem! We can stack them around the pallet to make the most of the shipping. There’s always room for smaller items with specimens.

What qualifies for pallet shipping?

Trees listed under the Mature Trees tab.

Who do I talk to if I have questions?

Send us an email at with the list of plants you want and someone will respond within 24 hours Monday-Friday to start the process.

Do I get a discount for buying more than one?

We work up custom pricing to get you the best deal for large orders. Email us at to get a custom quote. Also, when purchasing large specimens you qualify for a substantial Gift Plant.