Taxus x media ‘Hicksii’ Hicks Yew

Hicks Yew is a popular tree for growing into tall, narrow hedges. It has lovely, dark and evergreen needles.

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Hicks Yew is a popular tree for growing into tall, narrow hedges. It has lovely, dark, evergreen needles, and it is
dotted with bright red “fruits” in late summer and fall. It grows nearly straight upright and can mature
up to 20 feet tall over time, making a nice, dense privacy hedge. It is also suitable for maintaining as a low hedge
at 3-4’ tall. It is versatile for use in many garden styles and is very easy to care for.




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About Hicks Yew 

Hicks Yew is a hybrid between English Yew and Japanese Yew that was developed at Hicks Nurseries in the US. It
was selected for its extremely narrow yet vigorous growth that makes it develop into a natural column over time.
It also has improved cold-hardiness over the English Yew. Typically, Hicks Yew grows 6-8” per year, making
it easy to maintain. It also responds extremely well to pruning, making it an excellent choice for a hedge. Its
growth habit makes it easy to achieve a tall, narrow privacy hedge that won’t have a large footprint.
Hicks Yew has beautiful, olive-colored, evergreen needles and bears bright red “fruits” in late
summer and fall for nice contrast. The seeds inside are toxic to mammals but are enjoyed by birds. Yew is a
great choice for a hedge in a shady area, but it can also grow in full sun. It tolerates salt and urban
pollutants, making it suitable for growing in cities. Deer usually avoid yew, but very hungry herds have been
known to eat them occasionally. It has almost no disease issues. It grows well in a wide range of conditions.
The only thing it does not tolerate is overly wet or poor-draining soil. Yew plants in general are extremely
long-lived, so you can plan on your Hicks Yew hedge lasting beyond your lifetime with proper care! It is a
classic choice for hedges but can also make a noteworthy accent plant.


Top Qualities of Hicks Yew

  • 1. Tall, Narrow Growth Habit
  • 2. Moderately Slow Growth Rate
  • 3. Dark, Olive-Colored, Evergreen Foliage
  • 4. Grows in Full Shade to Full Sun
  • 5. Easy to Grow 

Additional information

Latin Name

Taxus x media 'Hicksii'

Common Name

Hicks Yew

Sun Exposure

Sun to Shade

Annual Growth

6-8" per year

[email protected] YEARS




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Growth Rate

Moderately Slow



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