Acer palmatum ‘Kurenai jishi’ Japanese Maple

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Kurenai jishi is one of the most desirable of all the dwarf maples: it is like a red Shishigashira! In spring, the deep red, crinkled leaves have their most vibrant color, later becoming a more burgundy and purple color in the heat of summer. Kurenai jishi’s compact growth habit and beautiful structure make it very attractive, and the orange fall display is especially spectacular.

Coloring can be green in the summertime when grown in a hot, humid climate.



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#1 Container, #10 Junior Specimen: 30-36", #3 Container, #7, 12-18", #7, 18-24", #7, 30-36", 4" Container

Latin Name

Acer palmatum 'Kurenai jishi'

Common name

Kurenai jishi Japanese Maple

Sun Exposure

Sun/Part Shade

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Red, Purple & Burgundy

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HxW@10 Years


Hardiness Zone

Zones 5-9



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