Picea abies ‘Middle Finger’ Norway Spruce

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A narrow form with dark green needles. The central leader can put on 2′ of growth in one year once established. Similar, but a great improvement over ‘Hillside Upright.’ By comparison, ‘Middle Finger’ has side branches that are not just stubs, they grow about half as quickly as the leader, thereby developing a more uniform open columnar form. The side branches have a dominant central bud, which is held upright, hence the name ‘Middle Finger.’ A chance seedlings Norway spruce found along a highway by Richard Haslebacher of Woods Creek Horticultural, Silverton, OR.



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Plant Form

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Latin Name

Picea abies 'Middle Finger'

Common name

Middle Finger Norway Spruce

Annual Growth




Growth Rate




Sun Exposure

Sun/Part Shade

Hardiness Zone

Zones 4-8

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#1 Container, #3 Container

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