Pinus banksiana - Jack Pines

Jack Pine is native to northern North America from the Northwest Territories in Canada to Newfoundland, and down to the Great Lakes region and New England. It is pyramidal when young, but takes on an irregular shape with age. It grows quickly at 12”-24” per year, attaining a 12’-20’ height in 10 years, and at maturity, it will be 35’-50’H × 20’-30’W. It has stiff, yellowish-green, 1.5” needles that spread apart like a starburst, and 2.5” long, curved seed cones that open when the tree is young, or at the tree’s maturity with the heat of a forest fire. Jack Pine grows in full sun, in average to poor soils that are well-draining. It will grow in USDA zones 2 to 8.