Hakonechloa macra ‘All Gold’ Hakone Japanese Forest Grass

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A gold version of the Hakone grass that is a fast grower. Its cascading habit makes it great for the landscape or container.


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‘All Gold’ Japanese Forest Grass or Hakone Grass is a beautiful, compact, golden-yellow variety of the species Hakonechloa macra, that is an excellent ornamental for a shady spot in the garden. Its bright color, adaptability, and cascading habit make it attractive for containers and multiple uses in the landscape. Its name, Hakonechloa, comes from Mt. Hakone in the moist woodlands of central Japan, where it is native.
It grows slowly to 12-18 inches in height and width and spreads by underground rhizomes. Its 10-inch slender leaf blades arch gracefully down, forming a dense mound. In spring and summer, it shines its brightest yellow in sun and partial shade but develops a darker, chartreuse color in full shade. All Gold blooms in August and September with spikes of delicate, inconspicuous, yellowish-tan flowers that hide among the leaves. When temperatures drop in the fall, this beautiful grass turns pink and then golden brown in the winter as the leaves die down.
All Gold grows best in moist, loose, loamy, well-draining soils. It doesn’t do well in dry clay soils or saturated, soggy soils. In the cooler areas of its 5 to 9 hardiness zones, it will grow in full sun with enough moisture or light shade. In the warmer regions, however, it will grow best in the soft morning sun and afternoon shade. Water regularly, especially during periods of dry weather, and add a layer of leaf mulch to keep the soil moist. Cut the dead grass down in the winter or early spring before new shoots emerge.
Japanese Forest Grass is attractive in containers as an accent plant on a shady porch, patio, or entranceway. In the garden, it is a good choice for edging and borders along paths and beds, around trees, and cascading down hillsides. It is a perfect addition to a woodland garden, rock garden, Asian garden, or urban garden.
All Gold is an excellent companion plant for hydrangeas, azaleas, and rhododendrons that grow well in similar requirements of moist soil and partial shade. Other plants that do well nearby are ferns, hostas, coral bells, and astilbes in the spring and summer, and asters and toad lilies in the fall. In the late winter or early spring, hellebores add a beautiful pop of color close by.
In addition to its other qualities, All Gold Japanese Forest Grass is deer-resistant, shade and air pollution-tolerant, and pest and disease-resistant.

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Latin Name

Hakonechloa macra 'All Gold'

Common Name

Hakone Japanese Forest Grass



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Sun/Part Shade/Shade

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Hardiness Zone

Zones 5-9

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#1 Container, #3 Container, 4" Container, BP

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