Other Conifers

Although the majority of our offerings are either firs, spruces, or pines, the incredible variety of other less common types of conifers are also listed here. We offer quite a big selection of cedars (Cedrus) as well as Douglas-firs (Pseudotsuga) and Japanese Umbrella Pines (Sciadopitys). Arborvitae (Thuja) and yews (Taxus) are two other popular categories that are often used for borders and screening. Consider hemlocks (Tsuga) for shady locations and junipers (Juniperus) for hot or dry spots. If you are looking for even more rare or uncommon conifers, browse the category of “Others” to see some exotic offerings.

Since the conifers on this page are all so different, you can find the right variety for every application. However, navigating all the options can be overwhelming. If you would like helpful suggestions, reach out to us and we can make recommendations for your specific application.