Pinus strobus - Eastern White Pines

Eastern White Pine is native to southeastern Canada and northeastern United States from Newfoundland west through the Great Lakes region, and south through New England and the Mid-Atlantic states to northern Georgia and Mississippi. It is pyramidal when young, but grows into an irregular form with spreading, horizontal branches as it ages. Eastern White Pine is a fast-growing tree, attaining 12”-24” per year. In ten years, it can grow to 12’-24’H × 8’-12’W, and in cultivation it can grow to 50’-80’H × 20’-40’W, although cultivars can differ in size. The 5” long needles are green to blue-green and soft to the touch, and slender, 8” long, brown seed cones hang from the branches. Eastern White Pine grows in full sun to partial shade and does well in slightly acidic soil with a high organic content that is well-draining. It will grow in USDA hardiness zones 3 to 8.